By Seth Weintraub
June 16, 2010

Today, YouTube revamped its video editing page to make it easier to edit YouTube videos.

As first spotted by the unofficial Google Operating System Blog, YouTube today sports a whole new Cloud video editing interface.

Check it out here.

YouTube had previously tried a Flash-based editing system a few years ago called ‘Remixer‘ which wasn’t very reliable and therefore unpopular.

‘Editor’ isn’t based in Flash (though the output will be played in Flash if you don’t have HTML5 video enabled) and therefore doesn’t have the processor and memory overhead that is common in Flash web applications.

One of the major new features of Apple’s (AAPL) upcoming iPhone 4 is the ability to edit movies on the phone in an app called iMovie.  In Apple’s version, the editing work is done locally on the phone and then the final work is sent out via email or uploaded to a service like MobileMe, Facebook or YouTube.

In the YouTube Editor model, the editing is done in the cloud.  Obviously the videos have to be uploaded first but it does offload some of the heavier processor duties that editing require to the Cloud.

Perfect for smartphones.

I tried it on the Sprint EVO running Android 2.1 and it doesn’t yet work.  But everything rendered properly and a few upgrades could have the cloud based system working in a mobile web browser.  It wouldn’t be surprising to see Google make this type of functionality available for all phones with modern browsers going forward.

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