By Seth Weintraub
June 15, 2010

The next flagship Android phone might be coming to Verizon in just one month. According to one blog, we’ll get the details next week.

The blog has been a PR machine for the upcoming Motorola (MOT) Droid X, which will be carried on Verizon (VZ).  It has posted pictures, specs, and even videos. Today, they announced a launch date of July 19 and promise that Verizon will say something next week.

Over the last couple of days, Verizon stores were told to place t-shirt orders (like during the Droid Incredible launch) and prepare for an early opening with full staff on July 19th for the Droid X with new merchandising taking over store windows on the 18th. The official announcement will be made by Verizon next week.  (About time right?)

That is 34 short days. So why all the excitement about this phone?  For the background, it will be on the biggest U.S. network and will likely be its flagship phone.

If that isn’t big enough, this thing has a screen the size of the HTC EVO yet, according to advertising copy below obtained by (you guessed it) DroidLife, it might have a “720DPI” screen.

What that means is unclear. DPI usually stands for “Dots per inch” and is typically used to measure printer output. In the case of the above advertising copy, that wouldn’t make any sense. 720P is common nomenclature for the 1280×720 resolution that many high definition movies are played at. Does this mean that the Droid X has a 720P display? If so, Android fans might want to wear Depends for next week’s launch.

The ads also mention a new app called ‘EyeCon’ that ‘puts every movie, Internet clip, song, and photo at your fingertips to access on any device in your home at will’.  Is this EyeCon?

Other standout features include TI’s OMAP 1GHz CPU with integrated Imagination GPU, which has tested much faster than the Qualcomm Snapdragons running at the same frequency on HTC phones.

Oh, and this ain’t no svelt phone. If you want that, head over to the HTC Aria.

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