By Seth Weintraub
June 16, 2010

OK, it wasn’t a surprise to find this in my email today, there were plenty of signs.  But it is interesting for a number of reasons.  One: Adobe is coming.  That means these phones will likely feature Flash.  Therefore, Android 2.2 may be included on these phones, because it includes the ability to play Adobe’s Flash.   At least I am assuming so – even though current test versions seem to carry 2.1.

Also, this event comes one day before you can get your hands on an iPhone.   Perhaps the four companies are trying to steal away some of the splash behind the iPhone launch (they’d be hard pressed to beat AT&T to take the prize in that contest).

Finally, with all of the big guys here (Rubin, Narayen, Jha), it would seem that there is going to be some wow factor to this one.  720P display?  Media Center?  GoogleTV tie-ins?


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