By Seth Weintraub
June 15, 2010

That monster 4.3 inch screen isn’t only the EVO’s biggest asset, it might be its biggest curse.

Some reports are coming in that the Sprint’s highly-acclaimed EVO 4G Smartphone may have some screen problems.

Last week, there were isolated reports that the EVO’s screen was popping out of place, perhaps due to faulty glue.  Unfortunely Engadget used this guy’s screen as an example”

I’m not sure I’d trust that this guy is the average smartphone usage tester.

Other people have complained about the issue as well.  Sprint says that if you are having this issue with an EVO, return it to a Sprint store for an exchange.

Additionally, if you aren’t holding an EVO or its cousin, the Verizon Droid Incredible, and the device isn’t grounded, the capacitive touch screen may not register your touch.  Videos below.

Here’s the demonstration of the EVO screen which isn’t grounded:

And here’s the HTC Incredible having the same issue vs. Motorola Android devices:

For what it is worth, the only problem I have with my EVO is keeping it charged.  The screen has been responsive and isn’t falling off…and I treat it poorly.  Also, I haven’t much used the EVO without holding it in my hand, but simple tests show that it works fine when sitting on the table rather than in my hand.

In other EVO News, Sprint fired an employee for releasing first-day Sprint store sales of 66,000.  I’m not sure what information we can derive from that as the EVO was also selling at Radio Shack, Best Buy, Walmart and online.  Also, the EVO may soon have some competition on Sprint’s network from the Samsung Galaxy S Pro pictured below.

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