By Philip Elmer-DeWitt
June 11, 2010

Targeting the hackers who pulled 114,000 e-mail addresses out of a hole in AT&T’s network

Note to the guys (or gals) who call themselves Goatse Security: If you hack into an AT&T (T) network and discover a lot of Apple (AAPL) iPad e-mail addresses that end in and, don’t go bragging about it to the press.

That’s what Goatse Security did, shopping the story, by one account, to Reuters, News Corp, the Washington Post and the San Francisco Chronicle before Gawker Media’s Valleywag gossip site picked it up.

Now they’re in trouble.

“The FBI is aware of these possible computer intrusions,” a Bureau spokesman said on Thursday,  “and have opened an investigation to address the potential cyber threat.”

Uh oh.

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