By Seth Weintraub
June 8, 2010

Reader discusses intangibles like screen size when moving from iPhone to Sprint’s EVO.

I would like to add a couple of points [on the iPhone vs. Flagship Androids post].

I have the Apple 3GS and the EVO 4G. I have found the battery on the Evo to be as good or better! For example I last charged the Evo 18 hours ago and still have 60%. I used it for moderate usage, emails, MLB videos, 1/2 of a movie, 20 minutes of talking and Internet. I tried to use it just as I would my iPhone. I think what most new users have to do is turn off and lower certain programs. Two examples are brightness(40 % is what I have it on) and Location is off.

Also you failed to mention the ability to change batteries, which to a heavy user should be a huge item.

One last difference is the screen size. The EVO screen size vs the iPhone is a deal breaker! It is so neat to work on and to view on, all I can say is Wow!

Just thought you would like to hear from someone who has loved the iPhone.

Darrell Stevens
Sacramento, Ca
Sent from my iPad

My response to Darrell:

Thanks for writing.  I am in the same camp as you:  I am a iPhone 3GS owner but find myself unable to stop using the EVO.  In fact, my iPhone 3GS has been sitting in a desk drawer, uncharged for almost a month.

I got a Google (GOOG) I/O EVO and I notice that Sprint (S) Apps come on and stay on without being invoked which I believe is my main power issue. I expect this to go away with an small upgrade or with Froyo (which is hopefully soon!)

On swapping batteries, I find that changing batteries is a double-edged sword and I’ve already noticed that the back plate on the EVO isn’t as sturdy as when I started (I’ve been swapping SDcards as well).  I’m not sure it is meant for removal every day.  There are these little Duracell USB battery chargers which I think are a better proposition for long trips where I don’t have access to a plug (I bought mine to extend the life of my iPhone).  I find that outlet charging at work and at home works fine for me, however.

Like you, I am a heavy user, using the Hotspot functionality during my hour train commute to work as well as heavy smartphone usage.

But, I couldn’t agree more with you on screen size.  That extra inch of screen real estate (EVO’s screen is over 25% bigger than iPhone) makes all the difference in the world in usability.  In fact, with the gains I’ve made in usability and speed, I may want to go up further and try on the Dell Streak 5-inch device.

Thanks for your input Darrell!

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