‘Google Music’ to compete with Apple iTunes?

Updated: Jun 04, 2010 2:41 PM UTC

While it isn't too flashy, the newly-discovered logo likely shows what Google will call its music service.

Recently discovered and posted to TechCrunch, a new 'Google Music' logo seems to indicate that Google's entry into digital music sales will have a pretty straight-forward name.

Google demonstrated its over-the-air music service at Google I/O last month by impressively having an engineer purchase a song through an Android Market web page and having it almost instantly pushed to an Android device over 3G.

Google also purchased Simplify Media, a former iPhone App company, which will allow you to move all of your non-DRM'ed music into Google's Cloud for use on any Android devices.  This will likely also fit under the Google 'music' umbrella.

Apple (aapl) is widely expected to release a similar service for its market leading iTunes at next week's WWDC.

Video of Android's push music service below:

<!-- more -->Music starts at three minutes.

Update: Proud mother, Nancy Rosen writes in:

My fifteen year-old son made this discovery and submitted the info to Tech Crunch, his name is Logan Rosen.