By Seth Weintraub
May 21, 2010

In March, SimplifyMedia bowed out of the iPhone App space telling its customers that it was moving in a new direction.  That direction was toward Mountain View.

A cryptic blog post in March was the last we saw of SimplifyMedia…until today.

After developing the technology behind Simplify Media for over 4 years, it is time for us to take it in a new direction. In order to focus on this transition, we will no longer be offering the current software to new users. Today we are removing the Simplify iPhone applications from the App Store, and new account creation will be disabled shortly after that. However, existing Simplify accounts and clients will continue to work fine.

Account creation was disabled and downloads of the software were discontinued, though current software users were able to continue to use the service.  Today, Google’s Vic Gundotra revealed that Google has bought SimplifyMedia and integrated its service into the Android Market.

Simplify Media’s software takes a look at all of the non-DRM’d music in your iTunes/Jukebox software library and allows you to then stream that music from its servers in the cloud to any of your Android devices, assumably even GoogleTV.

The software was demonstrated only briefly today, and it isn’t certain if the service will allow offline listening nor how it will determine ownership of music.

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