By Seth Weintraub
May 19, 2010

I’m live at Google I/O this morning and will be updating this post as announcements are made.

Google has set up a live stream of the event, which starts at 9 a.m. PDT.  I’ll be updating with quick posts here all day.

I can tell you already that HTML5 on Chrome is going to be a huge part of the keynote and that a few of your favorite magazines and Internet TV Guides will be on hand to show their wares.

GM will be on hand to demonstrate the fruits of their new Google-OnStar partnership.

Google is rumored to be releasing an Amazon S3 Cloud Storage/Computing competitor.

Google might be changing the whole Internet video industry with its VP8 codec that it acquired when it bought On2. (no more MPLA H.264 payments?).  Word is that Google will Open Source the codecs as well.

Google might also release video conferencing products.

There could be a Google Voice announcement.  Perhaps they take on Skype with a full VoIP solution.

A faster Android 2.2 Froyo will be unveiled, with Adobe’s Flash, tethering, and other goodies.

I expect Sprint’s new Android Superphone, the EVO, to get some airtime.

Sony and Intel will be on hand to announce their SmartTV platform based on Android.

Did you know Google has a Bookstore called ‘Editions’ launching this summer?

Google Apps should see some airtime with rival Microsoft Office 2010 being released last week.

I expect to see some more social with Google.  Products like Maps and Latitude and Buzz need to start establishing a beachhead against Facebook, Twitter and startups like FourSquare.

And, maybe we’ll see a new iPad competitor?

Anything else?

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