By Philip Elmer-DeWitt
May 14, 2010

Up from 10% four months ago, according to a new survey

How’s Steve Jobs’ campaign against Adobe (ADBE) Flash progressing? The bar chart at right offers one measure.

It comes from Mefeedia, a media search website that indexes video from a wide variety of sources — from CBS and ABC to YouTube and Hulu, some 30,000 sources in all.

From time to time Mefeedia analyzes its index to look for trends. One of the trends it’s tracking is how much of the video on the Web is encoded only in Flash and how much in H.264 and HTML5, the standards Apple (AAPL) is championing as alternatives.

None of this would matter to users except that when iPad, iPhone or iPod touch owners try to view a Flash-only video, what they get instead is a little blue error cube.

The results of the latest Mefeedia survey were posted Thursday. Here’s the takeaway:

  • 26% of all video is now available in H.264, up from 10% in January
  • Most sites that support HTML5 will detect iPad users and switch to an HTML5-compatible format
  • News stories are a mixed bag. New ones are mostly available in HTML5, but most of the older content has note yet been re-encoded

By this yardstick, Jobs’ campaign is about a quarter of the way there.

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