For that 4G MiFi-like router feature though, users will have to spring for the additional $29 monthly plan.

I’m here reporting from the Sprint EVO 4G event, where the wireless carrier revealed all the details about its forthcoming super-smartphone. Though the EVO will come loaded with Android 2.1 when it launches June 4, it will be upgradable to 2.2, codenamed “Froyo,” at some point in the future. 4G fans will have to shell out an addition $10 a month; those who don’t need it will pay Sprint’s normal smartphone rates.

Also incoming: a car dock system, games, Layar, Maps and video conferencing via 4G, which they’re demoing. They’ve also simultaneously connected an iPad and several laptops to their MiFi-like service to show off live camera-streaming. Meanwhile, the CEO of Qik is on-hand, for walkthroughs of the application for streaming video and video chat.

After a few minutes with the device, I’m liking the screen size. It’s much better for typing than a Nexus One — the screen, almost an inch larger, makes all the difference. looks great on the device, though the lighting here isn’t exactly stellar.

That’s all from me.  I’m looking forward to grabbing one of these on June 4, if not sooner.