By Seth Weintraub
May 13, 2010

Erick Tseng, Google’s Senior Android Project Manager, tweets about his departure for Facebook.

Despite the numerous avenues he could have chosen, Tseng took to Twitter to break the news:

About to begin a new, exciting chapter in my life. Heading to #Facebook on Monday to help innovate at the intersect of mobile and social.

Tseng, who’s also spent time at Microsoft (MSFT) and Yahoo! (YHOO), has been a very public face for Android, going on the Engadget Show, as well as presenting at the launch of the Nexus One event.

TechCrunch thinks he’s shifting gears to work on the Facebook Android App, which feels a little bit insignificant to me.  However, he’d be the right person for the job.

Google said in a comment, “Erick made many great contributions here, and we know he’ll do the same in his next endeavors. we wish him all the best.”

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