By Seth Weintraub
May 9, 2010

Last week, Conan took a break from his
Legally Not Allowed to be Funny on TV
tour to chat with Google employees.

Once the initial awkwardness subsides, Conan and an audience of Google employees had a really good dialogue on the future of television and the Internet.

Vic Gundotra, Vice-President of Engineering for Google did the interview. Google employees asked the questions and Conan, later with Andy Richter, answered them in typically hilarious fashion.

Obviously, there were plenty of digs on his former employers at the Tonight Show and Jay Leno.

But the talk was mostly about technology, which O’Brien has a deep appreciation for.

When he had no other means to communicate publicly, he started using Twitter.  The lawyers didn’t know how to respond at that point, but they did question whether or not Twittering was a violation of his “not allowed to be funny” contract.

He’s continued to use Twitter, which has served as the majority of the advertising for his tour.  That’s something that he could never have used even a few years ago.

View the whole 48 minute video below the fold.


Also, Conan is a very large man, especially compared to Gundotra.

Youtube via Mashable

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