By Seth Weintraub
May 5, 2010

Cloud storage vendor Dropbox releases an Android app that gives you instant access to your desktop files via the Cloud.

If you haven’t heard of Dropbox by now, you may want to take a look at it. It is a very simple and easy to use program that creates a folder in your desktop computer where you can put files that you want to share or sync with other computers. You can then log into another computer and have the exact same folder full of files available to you.

Dropbox now has an Android app that allows you to pull those files to your Android phone through the cloud as well. Whether you want to watch a few video files, carry some important PDF files around or keep some family photos on your phone, Dropbox makes it simple.

Google’s own services also allow sharing of files but don’t include an easy to drop on desktop folder interface.

Dropbox is free for up to 2.25GB of storage, $10/month for 50GB and $20/month for 100GB.

Screenshots below:

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