By Seth Weintraub
May 5, 2010

Google tests its Chrome browser upgrade against a litany of zany speed trials.  Long story short: It is fast.

There are a lot of different ways to tests a browsers speed.  Webkit’s Sunspider is a pretty good way to check the speed of Javascript rendering.   The V8 Benchmark is another great way to test Javascript rendering.  In both of these tests, below, Google’s new Chrome shines.

But how does it do against a potato gun, or a drum splashing acrylic paint?  Or good old fashioned electricity?  Find out below.

Update: The final video has been posted.

Today’s Chrome update isn’t just about speed, Google added HTML5 features like Geolocation APIsApp Cacheweb sockets, and file drag-and-drop capabilities.

Also, this version of Chrome has an integrated version of Flash which will be updated from Chrome, not externally by Adobe.  It promises to be more stable and secure.  That’s something Steve Jobs could certainly appreciate.

To try out all these new features, download Chrome on the Windows beta channel, or download the Mac or Linux betas.

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