By Stanley Bing
March 11, 2010

I get a lot of crud in my inbox, and I’m sure you do too. But every now and then you see a new generation of sludge beginning to creep in, evidence that somebody in the world, probably Nigeria, is on the job re-thinking the technology of scamming. This morning, as I was considering the question of whether Bank of America should have apologized for stealing a mortgagee’s parrot, I happened upon the following missive in my corporate e-mail:

I am Garzon Terry, managing director Euroglobal Int. Financier S.L. Madrid Spain. A financier lending organization and a co operate finance for individual, small and middle class businesses Globally sponsor by United Nation Secretary-General: Ban Ki-Moon, with the assistance of European union financial regulators as one of the issue implement from 2009 UN general assembly meeting  with the aim to promote trade globally with 787 Billion dollars stimulus package approved by united state federal reserve. As a means to recover from this present economical recession with the aid of providing long teams loan for individual, small and middle class businesses.

This is from United Nation Resolution Chapter 44/9, that all nations must benefit from this stimulus package of 787 Billion dollars. Which was sign and endorse by the present united state administration. This loan must be given to any body above 18 years of age, with or without a good credit.


(1).The borrower must be over 18years of age.
(2).Even with bad credit, we still guarantee the loan provided your requirement are meet.
(3).The loan can be granted even with low Income.
(4).There is no prepayment penalty.
(5).You do not need a co-signer or a guarantor.


Repayment is made Monthly or Yearly depending on the agreement issue to the borrower and the repayment/interest rate schedule is base on the amount of the loan the borrower apply for.The Interest rate applicable to all loan is 1.5%.

Mode Of Payment

The loan is transfer  to the borrower via

(1).Account Swift Transfer.
(2).Bank Cheque.
(3).Money Gram.
(4).Western Union.

The amount the borrower apply determine the mode of transfer to be taking, which will also be advice by the operation manager. And any interested applicant must contact, Don Eric Carlos. operation manager [e-mail address] for more inquiry and to request an application form.

Garzon Terry, Managing Director

Several things may be learned from this interesting electronic document:

1. If you’re going to attempt to fleece people who speak English, learn English;

2. Stupidity is funny;

3. My corporation needs a better spam filter…

Oh, and I probably would never have known that Bank of America had inadvertently stolen a woman’s parrot if they hadn’t apologized for it.

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