Google’s U.S. smartphone market share has more than doubled, while Apple’s has stalled

Source: comScore

Wonder why Google’s  GOOG Android makes Steve Jobs nervous? Check out the chart at right.

It’s from the comScore mobile subscriber report issued Tuesday and it shows Android registering the largest market share gains of the U.S.’s five leading smartphone operating systems.

Over the past three months, Google’s share of the U.S. smartphone market grew to 7.1% from 2.8% — a 154% increase.

Apple’s AAPL share, by contrast, grew only 1.2% — albeit from a base nearly 10 times larger. And since the whole U.S. smartphone market grew 18% between Oct. 9 and Jan. 10, iPhone sales were hardly standing still.

Meanwhile, Research in Motion’s RIMM BlackBerry still dominates the smartphone space with 43% of the market and a share that’s growing even faster than Apple’s.

Microsoft MSFT and Palm PALM both lost ground in comScore’s latest survey.

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