By Philip Elmer-DeWitt
December 28, 2009

Downloads grew 1000% on Christmas Day, surpassing the iPhone’s for the first time

Judging from data scheduled for release Monday morning by Flurry Analytics, Apple’s (AAPL) iPod touch was one of the hot gifts this holiday season.

“It appears that an influx of new iPod Touch devices has flooded the market over Christmas,” Flurry reports, “and that users of the handset, primarily pre-teen and teen audiences, are voracious downloaders.”

In the chart above, iPhone downloads on Christmas Day are set at 1 to show relative growth. As Flurry reports, the data show:

  • App Store downloads on the iPod touch exceeded the iPhone’s for the first time, eclipsing iPhone downloads by 172%.
  • iPod touch 3G downloads increased by more than 900% on Dec. 25, compared with the average of all previous Fridays in December.
  • Total iPod touch downloads (all generations) jumped by more than 1000% on Christmas Day, suggesting that iTunes gift-card giving may have helped drive downloads to older-generation iPod touches, as well as to the new 3G models found under the tree that morning.

Downloads from phones powered by Google (GOOG) Android also popped on Christmas Day, but their growth trailed behind Apple’s by a significant margin.

Motorola’s (MOT) Droid led the way, with nearly 49% of the Christmas download share. Droid app downloads increased 93% on Dec. 25 over previous Fridays in December.

Overall, however, Apple’s App Store download volume was 13 times greater than downloads from all Android phones.

Flurry is a leading mobile application analytics company specializing in the iPhone and Android OS markets. Last week it announced a merger with Pinch Media, a mobile analytics firm that focuses on ad optimization.

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