By Philip Elmer-DeWitt
December 25, 2009

Some computer wishes seem to have come true this holiday season

Last time we looked — on the eve of Cyber Monday — there was a conspicuous discrepancy in Amazon‘s (AMZN) computer department between the “Most Wished For” and “Most Gifted” machines. Customers may have been hoping for Apples (AAPL), but it looked like they were getting Toshibas, Acers and Hewlett Packards (HPQ) instead.

One month later, on Christmas morning, that discrepancy had all but disappeared. MacBooks occupied the top two spots — and four of the top ten spots — on both the “Wished For” and “Gifted” notebook lists.

On the desktop side, Macs had the top two spots on both lists, although six of the top 10 “Most Wished For” were Macs and only five ended up among the top 10 “Most Gifted.” And although the 27-inch iMac was the “Most Wished For” desktop, the 21.5-inch version was the model that got “Most Gifted.”

On Amazon’s “Bestseller” lists — a broader measure of what’s been purchased on America’s largest online retail store — an iMac and Mac mini were the No. 1 and No. 2 desktops, but a $510 HP had edged out the $1,100 MacBook Pro on the laptop list.

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