By Patricia Sellers
December 16, 2009

“The mobile Internet is ramping faster than desktop Internet did, and we believe more users may connect to the Internet via mobile devices than desktop PCs within five years.”

– from the mega-Morgan Stanley

tech report, released this morning. The 424-page analysis declares that the mobile Internet cycle, the fifth tech cycle in 50 years, is just beginning–and winners in each cycle often create more market capitalization than in the previous cycle. So, what companies might be winners this time around? Apple

, Google


, Intel

, Cisco

, AT&T

, and Fedex

too are well-positioned, the report says. Mary Meeker and her Internet strategists, who last issued such an ambitious study in 1995 (I remember it well!), add: “Facebook has already become a primary way for millions of people to stay connected, and Facebook’s lead is likely to be extended as more consumers use increasingly powerful mobile devices and the communications options on Facebook continue to rise.” If you actually have time to read the full-blown 424-page analysis(!) or simply want to scan the charts, you can find them all here.

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