But some people may not be getting the computers they hoped for this holiday season

Image: Amazon.com

On the eve of Cyber Monday, Apple AAPL Macs held the top three spots on Amazon‘s AMZN “Most Wished For” laptop list, as well as the top four spots on the desktop computer wish list.

But wishes are not horses — or premium-priced Macs — and judging from Amazon’s “Most Gifted” lists, some of those Christmas wishes might be filled by more affordable Microsoft MSFT Windows machines.

On the laptop “Most Gifted” list, the top two spots Sunday morning went to a $549.99 Toshiba Satellite and $418.98 Acer Aspire, respectively. The $1,199 MacBook Pro had been pushed to No. 3.

On the desktop computer “Most Gifted” list, three of the top four were still Macs, but a Hewlett Packard HPQ Compaq had moved into the No. 2 spot.

On Amazon’s “Bestseller” lists — a broader measure of what’s being purchased on America’s largest online retail store — no Macs topped either list Sunday morning. But four Macs were among the top 10 bestsellers for both laptops and desktops.

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