By Jessi Hempel
October 26, 2009

Josh James’ Omniture can tell you how many people click on your Web site, and how long they stay.  But is his company worth $1.8 billion?

When it was finally time for Josh James to make the phone call, he stepped out of a meeting on the 37th floor of Midtown Manhattan’s Marriott Marquis and paused for 10 minutes to revel in his private elation.

Sweat beaded up behind his Gucci glasses as he thought back a dozen years to his company’s early days, when he and his co-founder maxed out on student loans and hawked wedding gifts to buy computers. He remembered the time in 2000 when he agreed to a sale that fell through – and his trip to the Nasdaq Stock Exchange six years later to ring the bell when the company finally went public.

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