By Patricia Sellers
October 9, 2009

by Patricia Sellers

Maybe it’s a sign of recovery in the financial services industry: Wall Street’s two most renowned women dropouts have settled on what to do next. Yesterday on Postcards, you read Sallie Krawcheck’s bizarre tale of her bumpy road on the way to Bank of America

. Today, news broke that former Morgan Stanley

co-president Zoe Cruz is starting a hedge fund.

Cruz, who spent her entire career at Morgan Stanley (starting as a summer associate in 1981), got fired by CEO John Mack almost two years ago, taking the hit for the firm’s huge trading losses. This morning, the Wall Street Journal reported that she has begun recruiting employees for her new firm, to be called Voras Capital Management. The name refers to a mountainous region near where Cruz grew up in Greece.

Famouly press-shy, Cruz declined to talk about her plans. In fact, she has not spoken publicly for many years–except for one interview that she did with me in September 2007, shortly before her ouster at Morgan Stanley. Cruz told me then that she never planned her career. “When you don’t plan, things are easier,” she said. She was interested in one thing, she explained: “Leading an organization to be No. 1.”

Now hoping to launch her hedge fund with at least $200 million, Cruz is starting from scratch for the first time in her life. That name, Voras, suggests where she hopes her business will go: “Voras” is Greek for “north.”

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