By Jessi Hempel
September 29, 2009

A new tech wizard is fighting to return the ailing cellphone maker to relevance with a slate of new phones–and help from Google.

It’s been more than a year Sanjay Jha left wireless chip maker Qualcomm (QCOM) to come to Motorola (MOT). As co-CEO of Motorola (along with Greg Brown), he took on a task even the private equity firms had passed on: saving the iconic handset division. Just as he began to realize the severity of the company’s situation, the market crashed—and everything got even harder. Jha stripped $1.4 billion from the budget and doubled down on a new strategy to hitch the company’s wagon to Google (GOOG), building a series of smartphones powered by the Android operating system. (For more on the top operating systems, check out System Overload.)

This fall, as the first of the smartphones hit the market, Jha sat down with Fortune to reflect on his first year on the job, his plan for saving the company, and the enormity of the challenges yet to come. Read the whole story on here.

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