By Stanley Bing
September 3, 2009

I’m trying to think about business, but the fact is, the three day weekend yawns before me like a pleasant garden with no bugs in it. Lots of people I know are developing important meetings out of the office for tomorrow. In fact, a suspicious number seem to have stepped away this afternoon already from their New York digs.

So good luck to you all for the next few days. Unless something happens, I’ll be on phone and BlackBerry, as they say. Sometime during the weekend, let’s have a little thought about the fact that this extra day of summer was won for us by the great American Labor movement that so many readers of this website spend so much time detesting. We’ll take the day, though, won’t we.

The bad news is that Tuesday will come soon enough. In fact, I actually have to travel on Monday, which is a bummer, to get where I need to be bright and early on the 8th. See you then, campers. Make sure to show up that morning with pencils sharpened, a new eraser and the kind of calculator specified by Mrs. Kolodny for your level of Math. Attendance will be taken.

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