By Patricia Sellers
August 26, 2009

“The Kennedy brothers must be having a wondrous reunion.”

– Roy Johnson, a onetime Fortune editor, on Facebook this morning. “And sisters!” added one reader.

What an image–Ted Kennedy and his seven siblings convening in the afterlife. The great Senator, who was 77, was the last of the Kennedy brothers–oldest brother Joe died in a plane crash in WWII, and Teddy became the patriarch after Jack and Bobby were assassinated in the ’60s. Sister Eunice died two weeks ago. Jean Kennedy Smith, former ambassador to Ireland, is now the only one of the nine Kennedy siblings still alive.

On MSNBC’s Morning Joe today, journalist/pundit Mike Barnicle, a friend of the Senator from Massachusetts, said that he once asked Kennedy if, when he sailed his boat Maya in Nantucket Sound, did he ever see his brothers out there. “All the time,” Teddy replied.

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