By Jessica Shambora
July 17, 2009

“This is akin to having your underwear drawer rifled: embarrassing, but no one’s really going to be surprised about what’s in there.”

— Biz Stone, co-founder of Twitter, after a hacker leaked confidential company documents to bloggers who published them. The analogy was actually coined by tech writer Peter Kafka, but Stone found it so “apt” he used it in his own blog post about the event. Stone affirmed that the breach was not due to any flaws in Google

Apps,  the online-based applications Twitter uses to create and share internal business docs. Instead, he wrote, “it speaks to the importance of following good personal security guidelines such as choosing strong passwords.” So what was in the underwear drawer? Twitter has no revenue, but the company predicts it will reach 1 billion users and $1.54 billion in revenue by 2013. Surprised? –Jessica Shambora

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