By Jessica Shambora
February 25, 2009

“This does not attach directly to my brain?”

— Jon Stewart to Amazon

CEO Jeff Bezos on Tuesday’s Daily Show on Comedy Central

. Amazon’s Kindle 2 began shipping today to customers, many of whom have been waiting for months. The device sold out before Christmas for the second year in a row. When Bezos told Stewart he could download any book in 60 seconds or less, Steward feigned misunderstanding that the Kindle would enable him to read a book that fast.

The Kindle 2’s upgrades include more battery life and memory, better navigation, and faster page-turning. The device can also read aloud to its user. For more background, read my Tech Daily column on Amazon’s stock shot up nearly $4 today to $66.10, as the S&P rallied more than 4%. –Jessica Shambora

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