By Patricia Sellers
January 14, 2009

Sue Decker is leaving Yahoo

. The news broke Tuesday afternoon just as Yahoo announced that its board has chosen former Autodesk

chief Carol Bartz as the company’s new CEO. As Yahoo’s president, Decker was the lone Yahoo insider who was a strong candidate in the CEO search. And she wanted the job. But Yahoo’s poor performance and her loyalty to outgoing chief Jerry Yang damaged her reputation too badly.

That doesn’t mean that Decker, 46, won’t land a good gig elsewhere. She has unusual breadth of experience given her seats on the Berkshire Hathaway

, Costco

and Intel

boards. (She’s on the Intel board with Bartz.) Decker was also a director at Pixar until Disney’s

2006 acquisition of Steve Jobs’ film company. That impressive resume, in fact, landed Decker a spot on the 2008 Fortune Most Powerful Women list, though Yahoo’s foibles pulled her ranking to No. 39 from No. 20 in 2007.

Once a Wall Street analyst who covered advertising stocks, she’s a finance ace and could get a job as a CFO at another Fortune 500 company. But she’s already done the CFO job at Yahoo. I know from talking with Decker that she prefers running a business, and probably a big one. No question she’ll tap one of her fans, Warren Buffett, to help her get her career back on track. Especially in this job market, that’s a fine fan to have.

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