By Philip Elmer-DeWitt
December 9, 2008

“This is it,” Steve Jobs reportedly said when he first heard The Asteroid Galaxy Tour‘s song Around the Bend.  “This is the new track for the iPod touch.”

And that, according to an interview with founder Lars Iversen in Songfacts, is how a relatively obscure Danish band’s music ended up as the soundtrack for Apple’s (AAPL) TV ad, now in heavy rotation, promoting the touch as “The funnest iPod ever.”

Here’s the full 3:50 music video, featuring Metta Lindberg on lead vocals.

“It’s about sex, really,” Iversen tells Songfacts’ Carl Wiser. “About that urge to feel someone close to you and to be addicted to it almost, so you would do anything to get that feeling. You would even say, “I stay forever with you,” which is part of the song lyrics, even though it’s a lie.” (link)

The piece was chopped up — pretty brutally as Iversen tells it — to fit the 30-second spot. “There was not much we could do about that edit,” he says. “If you know that song, you can tell right away that it’s been cut. But then again, you get used to it after a little while, and then when you hear it for the first time, you won’t really be able to hear it.”

Below the fold: The finished ad, with thanks to AppleInsider for the tip.

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