By Philip Elmer-DeWitt
May 21, 2008

Here’s well-timed link from Andy Space at 9to5Mac.

With 19 days to go (according to my handy keynote widget) before Steve Jobs takes the stage at San Francisco’s Moscone West for Apple’s (AAPL) annual World Wide Developers Conference, Space has re-run a compilation of Apple keynote bloopers.

I’ve pasted the YouTube link below. Originally posted a year ago, it features cameos by marketing VP Phil Schiller (waiting in vain for a game to load) and Sony president Kunitake Ando (searching in vain for a word in English).

But the star, as usual, is Steve Jobs. See him wrestle in public — and keep his legendary temper mostly in check — as Macs crash, demos fail and a balky camera declines to yield to his command (and ends up getting hurled off stage).

There are worse ways to spend four minutes and forty seconds on a slow news day.

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UPDATE: Reader iSmashPhone from Philadelphia offers two helpful links: 1) Apple’s own compilation of  Jobs’ greatest hits and 2) communications coach Carmine Gallo’s instructional video that teaches busy executives how they, too, can learn to Present Like Steve Jobs.

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