By Fortune Editors
April 4, 2008

It seems incredible, but our diverse, fractious, contentious nation is virtually united on one key issue: The vast majority of us believe this nation is headed in the wrong direction. More than 80 percent, in fact, say so, according to a new poll on the subject from The New York Times and CBS.

This is an amazing level of unanimity — unprecedented, really. We don’t agree on the Iraq war, we don’t agree on race, we don’t agree on executive compensation or whether we’re in a recession, and we don’t agree on whether our property taxes should be raised to support public education.

Now if we could all agree on what the right direction might be, wow… what a concept. It’s hard to see that happening, though. It’s a lot easier to agree on what’s wrong than figure out what’s right, isn’t it? More fun, too.

What do you think, my fellow web-cruisers, blog-runners, misanthropes, pessimistic optimists, conservative progressives, and resentful newshounds? Are we on the wrong track? Are you among the disgruntled 81 percent who see the road signs all pointing to a place called Do Not Enter? On this cold and introspectively rainy Friday in New York, take a moment and let me know.

Oh, and by the way…What should we be doing instead? Ha! That part’s not so easy, is it?

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