By Stanley Bing
March 11, 2008

I’m posting this afternoon to ask you a simple question. Do you think that Eliot Spitzer, now known to the world simply as Client #9, should be forced to resign his position as the Governor of New York State?

Yes, I know he’s a miscreant and a hypocrite and all that. But my opinion is sort of this: If he didn’t use public money, I’m not necessarily looking for him to be tossed over the cliff and into the sea.

I have no particular affection for the guy. I am just interested in the machine that brings people down when they screw up in this culture. Like, when Larry Craig was found rubbing shoe leather with an officer from the Department of Entrapment, a whole bunch of people called for his scalp. After a while, he just said, no, I don’t believe I WILL resign. I found that kind of refreshing.

I mean, lots of people who have been proven guilty of an assortment of high crimes and misdemeanors are still hanging around collecting their checks. I’m not going to mention any names, but many happen to be politicians, actually. Are we shocked that a politician like Spitzer was a habitue of prostitutes? Well, not really, right? Are we amazed at a politician demonstrating the capacity to say one thing and do the exact opposite? Or is Eliot Spitzer being held to a higher standard because he seemed, at one point, to embody one?

Anyhow, what do you think and why. Should he stay or should he go? Let me know your thoughts. I’d be particularly interested in hearing from Clients 1-8.

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