By Philip Elmer-DeWitt
March 6, 2008

Transcripts from Betsy Morris’ extended interview with Apple’s (AAPL) CEO in Kona, Hawaii, have been posted on Among the subjects he addresses:

  • The birth of the iPhone
  • On market research (or the lack thereof)
  • Why people want to work for Apple
  • What if he got run over by a bus?
  • The devices he chose not to make
  • His management style
  • Why recruiting new people is hard
  • The benefit of owning the OS
  • Apple’s marathon Monday meetings
  • Story crises at Pixar
  • The iPod tipping point
  • Launching the Apple Store
  • Catching the next wave
  • What was wrong with Apple TV
  • Weathering the economic downturn

You can read the excerpts here. The Morris story that appears in the current issue is available here.

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