By Philip Elmer-DeWitt
February 13, 2008

Good things come to those who wait.

Steve Jobs may have disappointed his fan base — and Wall Street — by not having more to offer at Macworld last month. But whether by design or by way of compensation, the folks at Apple

have been extra busy in the weeks since.

Last week the company released the new 16 GB iPhone that many Apple watchers had expected to see at Macworld, as well as the 32 GB iPod touch that most had not.

Yesterday it released a major update to Mac OS X Leopard that fixed a slew of bugs and made some cosmetic changes (especially in the dock and stacks) that users had been begging for.

Today we got a two-fer:

  • Aperture 2, a major upgrade of Apple’s high-end photo editing and management software, a favorite with professional photographers, and
  • Apple TV “Take 2, the free upgrade that allows movie rentals and direct downloads from the iTunes store. Jobs had promised that it would be available within two weeks of Macworld. It arrived in four.

What’s next? Rumors abound that there will be an Apple event before the end of the month at which the company could reveal everything from the iPhone software developers kit promised for February (but also rumored to be delayed) to $100 price cuts in the iPhone and iPod touch lines.

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