By Stanley Bing
January 31, 2008

I am particularly amused this morning by a question from a reader who works for a large financial institution. It seems that on payday the company had a small glitch and a bunch of people not on the direct-deposit program didn’t get their checks… for five days. One supervisor, approached by an employee who needed the money to live, gave an interesting piece of advice: Go to the guy responsible for Payroll and ask him to lend you the money. The guy in charge of Payroll is our correspondent. Of course, he’s ticked off. I think he has every right to be, for sure. Unless…

Several other matters of import are discussed. Check it out.

On another front, keep an eye on the debate now ongoing in my prior post on silver linings. You may want to weigh in. What’s better for the world? Gigantic multinational corporations whose brands define consumer activity worldwide? Or local businesses which are are a lot less efficient but do have a certain charm and utility?

Global? Local? Price or service? We may not have any choice, ultimately, in the way that story goes down. But we might as well talk about it while it’s happening, huh?

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