By Philip Elmer-DeWitt
January 7, 2008

With 1.83 million square feet of floor space to cover, it’s not easy to gather in one place the 600 media representatives who have flocked to Las Vegas for the orgy of marketing excess that is the 2008 International Consumer Electronics Show. But in the press lounge on Sunday, Valleywag‘s Jordon Golson found 129 reporters and bloggers (they wear different badges this year), and he used the opportunity to take a survey of what machines they were using.

His count: 94 Windows PCs and 35 Macs (including his MacBook Pro). That’s a 27% market share for Apple (AAPL) — considerably higher than the 7.3% reported in the latest Net Applications survey. The numbers are sure to be even more skewed Cupertino’s way when a different subset of the tech press gathers in San Francisco for Macworld next week.

No wonder Apple gets more than its share of ink — and pixels — in the technology press.

[Photo courtesy of CES]

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