By Stanley Bing
December 3, 2007

Are you a morning person? Are you a Monday morning person? Or do you need some kind of help on this, the first day of the work week, particularly on a day when it’s cold and gray and the wind is blowing against your face, making it wince with the prospect of the hours that lie ahead, eyes tearing, heart sinking?

Okay, I guess you can tell where I stand. But you? I don’t know. Take this short quiz.

1. When I wake on Monday, the first thing I want to do is:

a. Check my blackberry.
b. Have a cup of coffee/tea and think about the work that lies ahead.
c. Roll over and go back to sleep for a while.
d. Jump out the window.

2. As I walk from my mode of transportation to the front door of my building, I feel:

a. A spring in my step.
b. A growing sense of responsibility, as the mantle of power settles on my shoulders.
c. I want my muffin!
d. Like a lump of chewing gum on the bottom of the shoe of life.

3. Today the newspaper tells us that the price of all the commodities we need to live is going sky high. This makes me feel:

a. Thoughtful and frugal.
b. Angry and resentful.
c. Determined to retire and move to Bora Bora, if there still is one.
d. Dazed and confused?

4. The Fed is having a difficult time figuring out what to do with interest rates. I suggest they…

a. Do what is necessary to stimulate the economy in the short term.
b. Take responsible steps to safeguard the health of our economic system in the long term.
c. Put a sock in it.
d. What?

5. Word comes the auto makers have agreed to increase the average mileage of our vehicles to 35 mpg by 2020. I think this is…

a. Great!
b. Great for everybody else. I intend to keep driving my Escalade.
c. Way too late. Let’s all get mobilized and make it happen sooner!
d. Who cares. We’re all doomed anyhow.

6. Complete the following sentence. “I look forward to…”

a. My 4 PM meeting. It’s gonna be a gas!
b. My refund check from the IRS.
c. Lunch.
d. Death.

7. Tomorrow, I expect to feel…

a. Pretty much the same. Every day is a challenge I look forward to!
b. A little perkier, maybe.
c. Still angry.
d. Tomorrow?

Okay! How did you score? Give yourself 1 point for every a. answer, 2 for b. and so on. The higher your score, the more you need… something. What do you think it could be? I’m really asking.

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