By Stanley Bing
October 10, 2007

E. from Paramus, New Jersey, chimes in with an interesting comment on social networking, in response to my observations on why I will not be joining MySpace any time soon. In so doing, she becomes another person reporting, first hand, on a growing phenomenon: the destruction of one’s virtual self or online profile. “You bring up a good point,” she begins sagely, since it’s never a bad idea to flatter the blogmaster. Then she goes on:

Another point I’d like to make is that I (a young person) and a lot of other people I know have recently deleted our myspaces… mostly because it hasn’t really done much for our social networking… the people that we were good friends b4 myspace we’re still good friends with, the ones that “found” us on there from high school or wherever else said hi once and never really talked to us again… that was about it… nothing profound… along with the fact that they got to be vouyeurs into our lives. And on top of that myspace caused a lot of drama between a guy I was seeing and me… a lot of trust issues whenever comments were made with the sexes, actually… I deleted mine about a week ago and I don’t miss it… As for voyeurs, I noticed a lot of people would check out my page but not write me a message, so that leads me to believe that its good for people who like to spy on other people in their free time, lol… anyway.. thats my two cents.

Interesting cents they are, both of them! Uncommon good cents, if you don’t mind my saying so!

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