By Stanley Bing
September 17, 2007

A reader from Los Angeles writes…

My boss was on a business trip in Chicago.  He was planning on flying from there to Canada to visit his wife who was on vacation visiting her mother.  The day his flight was to leave for Canada, he suddenly realized that he needed his passport to re-enter the US.  His passport was at home in Manhattan Beach, CA!!!  I, then, was called upon to go to his home, go through the garage using the secret security code, and retrieve his passport from his walk-in closet so I could overnight it to Chicago.  After being assigned this task, he gave me a long lecture about not snooping through his things.  While there, I ran into his housekeepr and after scaring each other to death, she asked me if I was bringing her check!?!?  I have never been asked to do such an outrageous errand   Mind you, I am an accountant and he is the CFO!!! 

Oh, I don’t know. I know a guy who used to have to zip up his boss’s fly when they were drunk.

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