By Jon Fortt
August 6, 2007

People who have already bought an HDTV are so happy with the experience that they are likely to buy more – good news for Sony (SNE), and for other companies who are banking on the growth of the HD ecosystem.

A new Forrester Research report notes that high satisfaction rates among HDTV buyers mean that companies should market not only to those who have not yet bought high-definition sets, but also to those that already have. The firm estimates that most homes will end up with a total of at least three HD sets.

Sony is not alone in its hunt for high-def dollars. Apple’s (AAPL) Apple TV works only with high-definition sets, and Microsoft’s (MSFT) Xbox 360 console is tailored to display gaming graphics in HD. Digital video recorder company TiVo (TIVO) recently announced a $299 high-definition box, in a bid to pick up subscribers in the second half of this year as consumers shop for TVs and related gear.

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