Seagate dominates Q3 DVR market, keeps top spot in hard drives

Updated: Dec 13, 2006 7:26 AM UTC

SeagateharddriveSeagate (STX) remains top dog in the hard drive storage market in the fall, according to the latest numbers from market research firm iSuppli, leading Western Digital (WDC), Hitachi (HIT), Samsung and Toshiba. More highlights from iSuppli's report: Seagate kept the lead in 3.5-inch drives for TiVo-like devices, with a 44.2 percent share. Its closest rival in that business, Western Digital, had 32.5 percent.

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Also, Seagate continued its dominance of the enterprise hard drive space, where its size and efficiency allow it to outprice many rivals. Seagate had 58.4 percent of that market, while Fujitsu, in second place, took 25.9 percent.

All the numbers, below:

iSuppli Table: Ranking of Hard Disk Drive Suppliers in the Third Quarter

(Ranking by Thousands of Units Shipped)



Q3 RankSupplierQ3 06 shpQ3 06 mkt shrQ2 06 shpQ2 06 mkt shr






3Hitachi GST19,95017.5%14,93015.1%














10GS MagicStore00.0%00.0%






 Total Sequential Growth15.7% -3.0% 


 Total Annual Growth19.6% 10.0% 

Source: iSuppli Corp. December 2006